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Lindsey Mangold

Whether it's cruising on the most fun ships at sea, relaxing in the sun at an all-inclusive resort, or visiting the most-loved wine regions of the world, Lindsey is here to help you craft the perfect getaway. Be sure to connect for an appointment with her at the link below or keep reading to learn more about her background and love of travel.

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My Story

I’ve loved to travel for as long as I can remember. From road trips across the U.S. to plane rides to train rides through Alaska and the Swiss Alps to cruises in the Caribbean to history-rich Europe, I love it all!

I’m originally from California and grew up in Texas. I lived outside of the Napa area, hence my love of wine. I’ve spent 15 years in the wine industry and traveled the world to some of the most amazing wine regions and I’m excited to share that knowledge and experience with others. Whether you want a trip to Napa or to Italy and you want some great wine experiences, I have you covered.

My husband and I met on a cruise, and we’ve been hooked on cruising ever since! My husband spent 10 years working in the airline industry and during that time we’ve made some amazing trips across the globe that just cemented the fact that travel is a must for us. As an avid history buff, I love to travel to history-rich locations and engulf myself in the local culture. I also love animals and will always find any type of local experience while traveling to visit and see the local wildlife.

I enjoy the Ocean too. From Hawaii to Mexico back to the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, I’m here for it. I love the outdoors, mountains, and natural beauty. I grew up going to Yosemite and love a good nature break. If you like nature and the outdoors, California has a lot to offer and some great hidden gems.

In my spare time, I love to entertain, spend time with my son (who might love Mickey & Disney a lot) and husband and our 6 fur babies, and travel with friends and family (group cruises are some of the best for this!) Vacations lead to experiences and memories that last a lifetime and I look forward to working with you on creating your lifelong vacation memories.


I can't wait to help you craft the perfect trip. Be sure to get in touch with me soon!

833-382-8785 (ext 708)

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