Dollywood & the DreamMore Resort - Part Two

Dollywood DreamMore Resort

Last week I wrote all about our visit to the Dollywood theme park. This week I bring you a review of our stay at the Dollywood DreamMore Resort.

Before I get too far into this I just want to state that I was not paid or compensated in any way for these reviews. We decided to visit Dollywood on our own and any opinions in this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way by the good people at Dollywood and the DreamMore Resort.

When we decided to visit Dollywood during our trip, it wasn’t a tough decision to add a stay at the DreamMore Resort to our plans. In addition to premium accommodations, guests of the DreamMore also receive TimeSaver passes that allow you to skip the line for up to ten rides of your choice (a benefit worth $39/person plus tax) and complimentary transportation to the theme parks and a dedicated resort guest entrance to Dollywood.[1]As I said in the previous post, TimeSaver is worth every penny if your family is a fan of thrill rides. Having a few daredevils in our group, this added perk made the decision to stay at DreamMore a no-brainer.

I knew before booking that the DreamMore had a good reputation. Still, it’s a property I wasn’t very familiar with so I went into our stay with an open mind. I have to say that I was impressed. 

Entrance to the DreamMore Resort

Entrance to the DreamMore Resort

First, the hotel is beautiful. Dolly knows pretty and her hotel is reflective of her aesthetic. After exiting your vehicle at the porte-cochere, you cross a beautifully landscaped mountain stream before entering the lobby. The décor inside is elegantly comfortable with lots of natural light from abundant windows. It’s a very welcoming space. A place you want to linger and enjoy.

The staff is excellent at the DreamMore. I put them on the same level as Cast Members of the Walt Disney World Resort. We didn’t meet anyone who wasn’t cheerful and happy to help. A young woman who was giving ukulele lessons to children in the lobby the night of our arrival particularly impressed me. Her name was Savannah and she was just the sweetest person imaginable. 

My daughter, in particular, was spellbound by Savannah. My mom plays the ukulele and gives one to each of her grandchildren when they turn five. Savannah had the same instrument my daughter had been given as a present. In my daughter’s eyes, not only was this obviously a princess in overalls but also Savannah had somehow magicked HER ukulele to the mountains of Tennessee. It was such a great moment in our stay.

There are a variety of rooms offered at the DreamMore. We opted for a Family Suite, which was split into two rooms with a bathroom in the middle. There was a king-sized bed on one side of the bath and a room with twin bunks on the other. Our room overlooked the pool and, to our delight, offered an excellent view of both the gorgeous resort pool and the evening fireworks show. 

As a woman who enjoys makeup, I appreciated the excellent lighting in the bathroom and the complimentary makeup-remover wipes in our room. Thank you, Dolly!!! I swear, you can tell when a man designs a hotel room because the bathroom lighting is always atrocious.

This is a very family-friendly resort. In addition to multiple room types with bunk beds and the resort pool, DreamMore also sports a splash pad, playground, and family game room. Additionally, there is Camp DW, which offers a multitude of activities for the younger traveler each day including bedtime stories and s’mores by the campfire in the evenings. 

DreamMore’s Pool. A popular spot with the kids.

DreamMore’s Pool. A popular spot with the kids.

One quick note: Don’t forget your ID if you plan to have an adult beverage at this resort. It wasn’t all that long ago that Pigeon Forge was in a dry county. The staff here takes their responsibilities seriously. You will not get an alcoholic beverage without an ID. I found out the hard way at the pool on our second night. I suppose I should have felt flattered but, seriously, it’s pretty obvious I’m over 21. Also, after a day of stomping around a theme park Mama needs some Prosecco!

I was hoping to check out the spa during our stay but waited a bit too long to make plans and couldn’t get a reservation. Oh well. We did take a peek in the entrance as we wandered the hotel and it looked sparkly and fun. Definitely something to look forward to on our next trip.

The dining options at the resort were nice. There’s Song & Hearth (a buffet restaurant serving breakfast and dinner), poolside dining, DM Pantry (a quick service café), and The Lounge, which was the only option we didn’t visit during our stay. 

We visited Song & Hearth for breakfast on the first morning of our stay. The buffet was large and had a pretty good selection as well as different options for people with dietary restrictions. My children were big fans of the donut wall. Literally, there was a peg-board of donuts with a selection of frosting and toppings to decorate them with. 

Poolside Dining actually has some great food on offer. The waiters are great but it takes a while to get your food, which is pretty typical for most pools I’ve visited. I enjoyed a tasty spinach and strawberry salad by the pool one night (and, eventually, Prosecco) and my husband really liked his pulled pork quesadilla. The kids opted for corn dog nuggets and chicken tenders and were pleased.

DM Pantry is the only place outside of Dollywood where you can order the famous Cinnamon Bread. Though we’d just eaten it the day before, we had to try it again to see if it was as good as it is in the park (c’mon, it’s research). After a family tasting, we decided that it was delicious but the loaf we had in the park was better. If I had to guess, I’d say the park version is made fresh at the Grist Mill while the DM pantry version has to be transported to the hotel. Someone from Dollywood, please tell me if I’m correct or not.

To conclude, the Dollywood DreamMore Resort is a wonderful, family-friendly hotel. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone wanting to visit the Dollywood Parks or as a great jumping-off point to explore the Smoky Mountain National Forest.

[1]You are limited to one ride each on the Lightning Rod, FireChaser, and Dragonflier roller coasters.