Why should I use a travel agent?

Why shouldn’t you? If you love to travel but find planning for your trip overwhelming or you simply don’t have the time, we can help. If you normally plan your own trips but need help coordinating a large group for your next adventure or for a special destination event, we make things simple. If you plan all of your own trips, get high on the thrill of an amazing, well-organized itinerary, and love seeing a plan come together…give us a call, we’d love to have you work with us.

Do you charge a planning fee?

Currently, we do not charge a planning fee with the exception of group trips. These are trips involving multiple rooms and travel parties (for hotels and large-ship ocean cruising, typically 10 or more rooms, for small ship ocean and river cruising, typically 5 or more rooms). These planning fees are nonrefundable and will be applied toward the balance due on your trip at final payment. Please contact us for group travel planning rates as they vary based on need. We do not have plans to implement individual planning fees at this time but reserve the right to do so in the future.

Do you require that I purchase travel insurance for my trip?

We will always recommend purchasing a travel insurance plan to protect your vacation investment but the decision to purchase is up to you. The unplanned can be quite expensive and travel insurance can be a huge help. We particularly recommend travel insurance when traveling to a foreign country as standard medical insurance typically doesn’t cover much, if anything, outside of your home country.

Do you price-match?

It depends on the trip. For certain cruise suppliers and theme park destinations, price-matching is a possibility and we will try to apply promotions as they occur to get you the best price. For custom itineraries, please check with us as it varies based on the trip being booked.

Will I get an itinerary before I travel?

Yes, we will provide a detailed itinerary prior to your departure. We will deliver most documents in an electronic format (via e-mail or an itinerary program such as Umapped) but sometimes it is still necessary to send paper copies of things such as train tickets and tour vouchers. We will let you know what to expect before you travel.

Are you available to help during my travels?

We are here to help with any difficulties that arise during your trip. As a small operation, however, we just can’t guarantee we will be available on a 24/7 basis (everyone needs to sleep occasionally). This is where 3rd party travel insurance can be very helpful. Many of the insurance companies we work with offer 24/7 concierge services in addition to standard insurance claims assistance..

Do you book airfare?

We are happy to book domestic or international airfare as part of a vacation package for our clients. This means that the airfare is minimally bundled with a hotel or car rental for the length of the trip. We will only book international airfare as a stand-alone product for established clients (i.e. clients who have paid and traveled with us at least once or clients who are personally known to the agent). We do not book domestic air on its own unless it is a group booking where everyone is traveling on the same flight.

Will you add my loyalty information to my booking?

Yes, absolutely.* We work hard to ensure you get credit with the various loyalty programs when you travel. Be sure to let us know your information when you fill out our client information form so we can add it to your bookings.

*Disclaimer: Certain booking services, such as Expedia, do not allow for loyalty information to be added during the booking process and some suppliers will not allow it to be added after when booking through these services. We will work with you on your booking options to ensure your bookings can be properly attributed when you book with us.

How do you store my personal information?

In order to provide travel planning and booking services, it is necessary that we collect personal and sometimes private information. We utilize a PCI-compliant software program to collect and store all information from our clients.