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Patty Zesut - Owner/Advisor


Hello and welcome! I’m so happy you are interested in our services and that you’d like to get to know us better. Growing up in a military family, I learned from an early age that I enjoyed exploring new places. Having lived all over the United States and three years in Australia opened my eyes to the wider world and sparked an enduring love of travel.

After attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for my undergraduate degree, I applied for and was accepted to the Walt Disney World Resort College Program. I had so much fun that I returned for two more College Programs and a fourth stint on an Advanced Internship with the Travel Industry Sales & Marketing office.

Despite my love of the travel industry, my career took a slight detour after the events of 9/11. I felt called to serve and joined the US Navy as a Supply Officer. Four years and four countries later, my commitment ended. I got married and decided to use my GI Bill funds to pursue a law degree. A few more years, and a couple of kids later, I could no longer ignore the pull of the travel industry. I joined Time Is Now Travel as an associate agent in 2017 and have not looked back. Exemplary Travel Advisors was born shortly after. It is my passion to bring exceptional travel advising to my clients every day.

Email me at patty@e-t-a-travel.com to find out how I can help make your next vacation the most memorable yet.

  • Specialties: Disney Destinations and Family Travel

Pat Hogan - Affiliated Associate Agent in Training

We are so excited to be in introducing our newest Associate Agent, Pat Hogan, an independent affiliate of Exemplary Travel Advisors.

You can email Pat at pat@e-t-a-travel.com.

[Bio and photo coming soon!]

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