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What you can expect from traveling in The Cook Islands

If you love the idea of a tropical island with pristine sand and crystal clear waters, you'll want to put The Cook Islands on your travel bucket list.

Beautiful, unique, and often overlooked, these islands are the perfect destinations to get away from it all.

Small boat landing on pristine island

The Cook Islands are 15 islands, some of which have daily flights between islands. Situated in the middle of Hawaii and New Zealand, these islands boast an ideal climate, with an average yearly temperature of 80-82˚F.


Aerial view of Raratonga

Although it is one of the larger islands, you can drive across the entire island of Rarotonga in just 45 minutes.

Despite being the most popular, Rarotonga maintains an escape from city life, with no building being higher than the tallest coconut tree and no traffic lights in sight.

On Rarotonga, there are more than 100 Polynesian restaurants, cafes, and dining options to enjoy, as well as endless opportunities for adventure.

Rarotonga is known for its beautiful mountainous landscapes, scuba-friendly waters, and cultural experiences.

Cultural shows and traditional dances can leave you feeling immersed in the Cook Islands.


Boat landing on white sands on Aitutaki island

Nicknamed "Heaven on Earth," Aitutaki is a 50-minute flight from Rarotonga and is known for its gorgeous scenery.

With white-sand beaches, a triangular-shaped reef, and secluded lagoons, Aitutaki is a perfect place to escape and relax.

Biking, kayaking, and checking out the world's smallest post office are all popular things to do on Aitutaki.

Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke, and Mitiaro

Aerial view of island

These islands, some of which are millions of years old, all have different things they are known for.

For example, Atiu boasts organically grown coffee beans, which can be smelled throughout parts of the island.

Meanwhile, Mauke is seen as the garden of the Cook Islands by many, as it is known for its gorgeous reef and luscious plants.

Outer islands

Aerial view of Pacific barrier island

The other islands of the Cook Islands, including Nassau, Palmerston, Manihiki, etc., are more remote and private.

Some of them are harder to get to by flight, but they can all be reached by boat.

Each of the outer islands is unique and features its own charm and appeal, although they all share an ability to provide a true escape.

We’d love to help you plan your next vacation, whether it’s traveling to the Cook Islands, or somewhere else on your bucket list. Let's get in touch!

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