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Advisor Spotlight: Amanda Reddick - Ocean Cruising

A Note from Patty: We love our advisors and want to help you get to know them better. Each week, we will be introducing a new advisor and allowing them to introduce themselves and give you a little insight into their niche. This week is Amanda, an absolute ocean cruising guru. She's here to share her love of sailing and some great deals we have going for you this month on our partner cruise lines. Make sure to read to the end for those.

Amanda walking in the water on Turks & Caicos
Turks & Caicos is an amazing destination by land or by sea

I blame my mother for introducing me to cruising. I remember going into a travel agent’s office, when she wanted to plan a cruise for an anniversary trip. Even though I wasn’t going on the trip, I kept that brochure and had the ship layout memorized within hours. When they came back from their trip, I inundated her with questions about the whole experience, and couldn’t wait until I got to go on a ship for myself.

Thirty years and over a dozen cruises later, I still love cruising for so many reasons. Exploring new ships is always exciting, as each line and each ship has something unique to offer their guests. The convenience of unpacking once and waking up to a different destination every day allows me to enjoy my vacation to the fullest. Cruising is also be a great way to sample different destinations in a relaxing manner and discover places that I may want to return to in the future.

Two women in red outfits standing next to the railing on a cruise ship
Scarlet Night on Virgin Voyages

In addition to the practical benefits of cruising, there is also something special about being out on the open sea, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful views. It can be a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I just love it.

There is truly something for everyone on a cruise and a cruise line for every preference. From active to relaxed, budget to uber-luxe, popular destinations to small exotic ports, there is a cruise line to suit anyone.

Amanda applauding the presentation at Le Petite Chef
Culinary delights onboard Celebrity Apex

Whether you're interested in relaxing by the pool, trying new foods, learning about different cultures, or trying new activities like rock climbing or zip-lining, I would love to help match you to the best cruise and itinerary for you!

Your friend in travel,


This Month's Hot Cruise Deals

Celebrity Cruises [Partner of the Month] - From now until May 2, receive up to 75% Off 2nd Guest Cruise Fare and Up to $1,600 per Stateroom Additional Cruise Fare Savings on Select Sailings.

Oceania Cruises - From now until June 30 (or until sold out) Select categories receive one free land program on select 2023/2024 Sailings

Royal Caribbean - From now until April 30, receive up to $100 per couple shipboard credit in select categories on most sailings.

Virgin Voyages - From now until May 24 receive Air Credit Up to $1,200 per Cabin Double Occupancy in Select Categories, Plus Up to $600 per Cabin Bar Tab Credit on Select Sailings

Norwegian Cruise Line - From now until May 31 receive 35% Savings Off Cruise Fare (aka 70% Off 2nd Guest Cruise Fare) on Most Sailings


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